Tips Membuat Kolak Pisang Supaya Manis

Tips Membuat Kolak Pisang Supaya Manis - More and more cosmetic products on the market that offer to treat or address the beauty issues. Even the various ways through technology also seems readily available for the sake of beautiful appearance.


However, actually many natural ways that we can get naturally. Consuming vegetables and fruits are believed to have benefits for health and beauty one of them is grapes.


In addition to having good taste, the grape also has amazing properties for beauty. One of the benefits and efficacy of the grapes for the beauty of eliminating black spots / stains of acne scars. Wine to the face mask can eliminate black spots or acne scars on the face.


Fruit green and prickly which are found in tropical areas have soft flesh and juicy, sweet and sour fruit recently is reaping popularity because of its efficacy leaves to treat cancer. Soursop leaves is believed to ten thousand times the content and usefulness than chemotherapy in preventing and treating cancer, it has been proven by a study conducted by scientists at around 1965 where in various studies prove that the soursop leaf has properties that are better than chemotherapy ,

Bahakan these extracts can slow the growth of cancer.

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