Cooking Martabak Telur With Meat Curry

Cooking Martabak Telur With Meat Curry - Ice dawet a fresh drink that is very typical of Central Java. made from rice flour and tapioca flour which is processed in such a way so as to produce granules dawet small shaped elongated. in general dawet ice has green color. ice dawet with green color is derived from the city dawet Banjarnegara in Central Java and known as the Ice Dawet Ayu.

The growing ice dawet besides popular with Ice Dawet Ayu Banjarnegara it, and now also in kreasikan dawet ice becomes more interesting and unique. like Ice Dawet Ireng Typical Purworejo that we'll share the recipe this time. Ice Dawet Ireng or in the sense of its Indonesian Dawet Black ice cold refreshments are typical of Purworejo. then do not be surprised anymore when you cross the highway Banyumas-Purworejo lot of traders dawet that line the roadside fields.

Black or ireng typical of dawet ireng this purworejo not of food coloring, but using gray water straw. well, for those of you who do not know what the gray stubble that we will explain a little bit so you do not have to look confused. ash rice straw made from dried leaves or often called oman in Javanese language, then burned to ashes. then the ashes mixed with water and produce natural black color without any other coloring material.

The use of gray stubble on dawet ireng make the taste and aroma to be different from dawet-dawet normally. other than as a natural black dye, the use of water also makes the straw ash texture dawet be a little more chewy and delicious. hereby make the straw ash is often used in traditional market snacks Aneke, because in addition to being a natural black dye can also be a natural pengenyal material. wow, cool yes, it is a waste ash as a natural fertilizer paddy fields besides good also for coloring foods and beverages.

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